“1st November 2013. That day will be etched on my mind for the rest of my life. We were at Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest. My wife held our two sons Oliver, 3 and Harry, 3 months, in her arms. Her whole demeanor oozed equal measures of desperation and sadness as she uttered the immortal words “these two boys worship you and you’re going to lose them.” I’m still not sure whether that was a genuine threat to leave me or whether because I was never around I would miss out on the most important years of their young lives. Either way a chill shot up my spine with such force it jolted me to take action.

Bizarrely the business was doing pretty well. We were making profits and turnover was increasing steadily. We were even enjoying some of the material trappings of success. However, in reality, the quality of my life was very different. Like a lot of owner managed businesses I was working twenty hour days, spending all my time micro-managing people, putting out fires (the bulk of which I’d started through poor leadership!) and getting involved in daily tasks that were both low value and time consuming. I lived in perpetual fear that one day it would all come crashing down along with my sole worth as a person (which I’d ludicrously based only on the success of my business) 

I was desperate to get balance in my life and business and after some searching was introduced to Ash through a mutual friend. I’d had no formal training in business so was prepared to listen to new advice and try new ideas. Through the Mindset course and working with him personally, he has quite simply changed my life. His knack of breaking business down to seven, basic key principles that, if implemented well, will ensure success has changed the way I perceive my roll. I now spend most of my time doing what I’m best at, working on the business as opposed to in it. The staff have become more engaged, we have direction and a purpose for the first time and this filtered through to happier customers and higher profits. (Ash actually introduced me to a one business model that has added £40k to our bottom line after 10 months and is still gathering momentum!) More importantly I have a balance in my life where I head to work everyday with a renewed sense of optimism, energy and enthusiasm and have more time to spend with my family! 

The EBC is an incubator for like minded business people to exchange ideas, experiences and initiatives so we can all achieve sustained growth, profits and quality of life. Unlike other business groups I’ve attended, the goal setting and accountability aspect encourage you to grow outside your comfort zone, giving you confidence to take your business to the next level. Like all of Ash’s courses the environment is fun, friendly and vibrant but one attended by people who are serious about making their business a success! If you are, sign up. It might open the door to a host of opportunities!” Matt Wiley

“The Entrepreneurs Business club has been instrumental in moving my business forward and keeping
up the momentum. Setting goals every month for which we are held accountable is motivating. We know everything remains confidential so we are able to discuss sensitive issues which arise in our businesses and find solutions. It is also a very supportive group which is vital for a small business. Being a business owner can be lonely; we have each other to use as sounding boards when necessary. I would recommend this group to any ambitious business owner who is serious about growing their business.”
 Sally Marshall. 

“I am currently working with Ash and a great group of Entrepreneurs as part of the Entrepreneurs Business Club. As entrepreneurs and solopreneurs we generally know what we need to do but we don’t do it, so being part of the group has not only kept me accountable which is what I was looking for but has also given me a sounding board for business ideas, personal growth, help with challenges, a great team of experts and a no-excuses approach to setting and achieving goals and last but not least really great new friends. 
If you want your business to keep moving forward, keep an open mind and speak to Ash or Sally today about the EBC.” Kerry Madgwick

“Having been a part of the EBC group for the last year has given us a support group to help our business grow. Having the opportunity to ask our fellow business owners for support, advice and guidance has helped us stay more focused and disciplined. The monthly goals that we set keep us on track to achieving our ultimate goal of building a recognised and trusted brand. The experience and skills in the room is invaluable and the best thing about the group is that you build relationships that aren’t about owing anyone favours, but is about helping people develop. If you’re a business owner and feel that you’re ‘on your own’ then I would seriously recommend the EBC, get yourself on one and ‘DIN!” Phil Snowden

“EBC is a great group to be a member of. It is very different to a lot of the mastermind groups out there. We meet once a month to go over our achievements and also set our monthly goals. We can also discuss our current challenges and situations in our business too.  What I love about the group is the level of like minded people and businesses that are in this group that understand. We keep each other accountable and its a great way to keep our business on track.  Highly recommend this to all my network!” Zoe Cairns

“It is always a pleasure to recommend Ash Lawrence of ABC Networks for his brilliant work in Entrepreneur Business Club. I joined EBC1 following on from Ash’s great Millionaire Mindset Course as I aim to be a creditable public speaker. Ash together with all fabulous EBC1 members keep me constantly focused and accountable moving step by step to my speaking goal. Ash gives so much of his experience, knowledge and time to help, encourage and support each of us on our accountability journey. Learning to be a brilliant public speaker at Ash’s EBC1 course is so enjoyable and so much fun as an added bonus. I have no hesitation in recommending the EBC Courses to new business owners or business people in general wanting to take a new path in their careers and lives!” Maureen Johnson

“The Entrepreneurs Business Club is brilliant for setting goals and being accountable. The room is full of like minded business people that are all happy to help each other with any issues they may have in their business. You also get to spend a day with Ash which is always a pleasure!” James Jarmak