Ken. Masters

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Dear Lloyd, Now that I have reached the ‘Grumpy old men’ era I feel that I am spoiling the image by sending you a ‘Building Contractor’ of all people a complimentary letter but with the excellent extension you have now finished for me I felt it was the least that I should do and your just reward. All aspects of the project were carried out with the utmost professionalism with the quality of work second to none. Your choice of sub contractors was of the highest standard in ability and character and your high standards in all aspects were always maintained by them. Even though it was the wettest ’period for ten years the way that you maintained the cleanliness of the site both inside and out was extremely commendable and must have worn many a hole in your socks with your boots coming off and on so many times in a day when going in and out. I would like to thank you on the way you accommodated the changes or additional work that I requested as the project developed and the way you always informed us of not only the days but the times of all activities which were always honoured without exception. Finally thank you once again Lloyd for taking the stress out of project for me, making me many new friends, and providing me with a high quality extension which we both can be very proud of and rest assured that any further construction work that I require you will always be my ?rst point of call.